About us

Our company offers one of the widest ranges of folding rules and measuring tapes on the European market. The products focus on quality and serve the upper-middle to premium classes. Fair conditions and loyalty to the wholesale trade ensure long-term success for all market partners.

Our own plastic injection, production, pre-print, filter, pad and digital printing facilities ensure the highest level of flexibility for all customer wishes. Further development and innovation will continue to secure our company’s success- In partnership with our customers we constantly rely quality, flexibility and service.
Our history:


Foundation of the company in Solingen by the brothers Karl and Richard Kuntze sen. .As a galvanization plant, at first Solingen tableware was finished there.


Company expansion and production measuring tapes with automatic retraction.


Start of tape exports to the America, France and Norway. Measuring tapes are at first marketed only as utility tools for industr , trade and skilled tradesmen.


meterex produces the first measuring tape with advertising printing.


Richard Kuntze, the son of the founder Richard Kuntze sen., becomes CEO. He concentrates the production of measuring tapes on the advertising articles and tools industries. Examples of meterex developments with world-wide impact are: Visita – the world-wide first of a measuring tape in the form of a visiting card; Bodyflex – a world-wide first body circumference measuring tape.  


Awarded the first design prize for the measuring tape “Imperial”. Almost unchanged, this product is still in production today.It has become a bestseller and a classic.


Production of first plastic spirit level


Oliver Kuntze enters company. Extension of the range to include folding rules of wood and plastic.


Firm’s headquarters move from Solingen to Langenfeld. Considerable extension of production and storage capacities.


Oliver Kutze is appointed CEO.


Awarded the first „Promotional Gifts Award“ in Germany.


Introduction of digital printing technology for photographic quality printing on folding rules, measuring tapes, spirit levels and rulers.


“Promotional Gift Award, category Innovative Products“ for Skoda wooden folding rule 4 m with one-sided section special print of company history.


PromoFritz in Gold for advertising article of the year in Switzerland.Patented product: “Magnet Lifter for folding rules”.


The world-wide first Measuring Torch receives following awards: Silver at the „Premiums“ in Belgium from the Belgium Association Promotional Products (BAPP): “Promotional Gift Award” in Germany. “PromoFRitz” in Gold for the “Promotional Article of the Year” in Switzerland from PromoSwiss Association at the Promotional Products Fair (PSF) 14 in Lucerne.

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