With the Leuchtmeter (Luminous Rule), a 2-meter rule with an integrated LED light, meterex presents a genuine world-wide innovation.

This “longest torch in the world” has already received numerous awards in Belgium, Germany and Switzerland and is becoming the most successful innovation of recent years. In addition, the tool range has been extended with interesting voltage testers, all certified according to GS or CE. They are “Made in Germany” and provide a high level of advertising effectiveness thanks to their great durability. In 2014 we will set new standards with these high-quality products.

Select your innovation and impress your customers.


Leo 610

Design measuring tape in a round shape with a straight base. Big advertising space on both sides of a black or silver disk. Comfortable handling because of the automatic stop-system. The steel tape stops at any point without using the sto...

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craftmeter G31M

craftmeter 1m consists of a plastic folding rule 1m with a 2-coloured engraved scale and rust-proof riveting joints. The integrated neodym-magnet at one end of a fold has a holding force of max. 500g. Thereby you can retrieve screws, nails,...

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Plastic ruler

plastic folding ruler L21.20 • L21.30

Stable white plastic ruler in a strength of 2mm. Each 2 scales on both sides on your request according adjoining table available. Because of the reduction scales interesting ruler for e. g. architects, engine builders, engineers. Option o...

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Set square

Set-square L2 • L3

Set square in the size of 160 x 112mm with black scale and floating points on the reverse side. Semi-circle in standard colours of yellow, lime green, orange and pink. Advertising print between the centerlines. From 500pcs. special exec...

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