Our quality cutter-tools for the clear cut.

Cutters are important tools in the home, for craftsmen and in industry. Whether wall paper, carpets, cardboard boxes – all need to be cut quickly and safely.

meterex supplies cutters only in robust metal casing so that the user can work with them for a long time and so that your company advertising can enjoy lasting impact.

Blade s

Blade s 34

Elegant, thin quality cutter in black ABS housing with large advertising space. Red locking mechanism prevents the blade from being accidentally extended. This feature prevents cut inside pockets and injuries. SK2H snap-off blade is made o...

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Sharp 40

Professional knife in 2-component housing made of impact-resistant ABS and TPR for a good and safe grip. Black SK2H snap-off blades in premium quality made of high-quality carbon steel with unexcelled cutting sharpnessand long life. Insi...

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Pen-Cut 41

Slim black knife in metal case in the form of a pen with a robust clip. Black SK2H snap-off blades in high quality made of carbon steel for unexcelled cutting sharpnessand long life. Inside a black stainless steel rail 430 with return s...

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Flip 42

Flip is a "fast cutter" for parcels, films, letters etc. Inside compact ABS housing with large advertising space is a sharp SK2 blade with automatic blade retraction. If necessary, the extended blade (max. 10mm) can also be locked in plac...

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Safe 43

Favourably priced safety knife with large advertising space on both sides. Satisfies all requirements on work protection and work safety. Blade retracts automatically into the impact-resistant ABS housing each time after cutting. Carbon ...

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Blade 44

Elegant quality knife inside black ABS housing with very large advertising space. Locking mechanism on slide barprevents accidental extension of the black SK2H snap-off blade. This premium quality blade made of high-qualitycarbon steel ...

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Grip-Cut 45

Inexpensive cutter in silver coloured metal diecast casing. Robust execution with a sharp, changeable blade. The cutter is very handy due to grip cavity.

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Multi-Cut 46

Premium knife with dual slide and automatic blade retraction. Above average strength SK2H snap-off blade for highdemands in trade and crafts. High-quality black carbon steel has excellent cutting quality, rigidity and long life. Inside a...

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Sicherheits-Cutter 48

Safety cutter with automatic retractable blade avoids injuries as the blade zips back into the casing after each cutting operation!Smooth cutting because the blade stays out on its own as a result of the cutting movement.

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Top-Cut 49

Modern 2-component knife inside aluminium housing with impact-resistant TPR-handle. 3-stage blade extension for different cutting depths for use by right-handed and left-handed persons. Carbon SK2H trapezoidal blade. Both sides can be us...

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Quick-Cut, small

Quick-Cut 51 • 52

With the Bestseller Quick-Cut you always make a good job. Stable metal diecast casing with rubber strip guarantees a robustness and durability, which is unusual in this price category. The crushing blade is very sharp and will be locked i...

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Design-Cut 55

Modern design knife with 3-stage blade extension for right-handed and left-handed persons. Impact-resistant ABS housing with grey hinged cover stores 3 spare blades. High quality carbon SK2 trapezoidal blade can be used on both sides. Cha...

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Design-Cut Pro

Design-Cut Pro 56

Jackknife of modern design with spare blade holder and belt clip. Impact-resistant ABS housing with metal pushbutton for safe extension and retraction. High quality carbon SK5 trapezoidal blade can be used on both sides. Spare blades ins...

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