Sharp 40

Sharp Sharp Sharp

Details on Sharp 40

3D-Emblem (Doming)pad printing
Material 2 extra blades with 8 segments
Colour(s) black, red, blue
Weight 101g
Finishing options pad printing
3D Doming sticker
Advertising space 45mm x 8mm
60mm x 5mm

Professional knife in 2-component housing made of impact-resistant ABS and TPR for a good and safe grip.
Black SK2H snap-off blades in premium quality made of high-quality carbon steel with unexcelled cutting sharpness
and long life. Inside a black stainless steel rail 430 with return stop, the blade locks precisely in each position.
Blade extension up to 80mm, end cap to snap off the blade elements.
Eyelets for attaching to chains or lanyards.
Special colours from 3.000 units upwards.

ID: 00004000 black
ID: 00004001 red
ID: 00004002 blue
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