Multi-Cut 46

Multi-Cut Multi-Cut Multi-Cut

Details on Multi-Cut 46

3D-Emblem (Doming)
Version 62-65 HRC
Colour(s) black
Weight 100g
Finishing options 3D-Doming sticker
Advertising space 40mm x 8mm

Premium knife with dual slide and automatic blade retraction. Above average strength SK2H snap-off blade for high
demands in trade and crafts. High-quality black carbon steel has excellent cutting quality, rigidity and long life.
Inside a black stainless steel rail 430 with return stop, the blade locks precisely in each position.
The front slider automatically triggers blade retraction. The blade retracts automatically after cutting.
Specially hardened tip of the blade can also be used as screwdriver or paint-tin opener, etc.

ID: 00004600

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