Finishing techniques

Dear customer!

We apply several options for finishing our products. Depending on the selected item for your motif pad printing or a 4c digital print is more suitable.

But when is which process useful?

Pad printing
Logo colors are printed according to color system as Pantone (Pantone Matching System), HKS or RAL. Motifs consisting of "simple" graphics and text are suitable for this process and the correct color reproduction of the logo is important.
Advantage: The motif colors can be produced very well.
Disadvantage: The maximum size of the logo is limited for technical reasons, although the motif carrier has more space. Each motif color will be printed separately and must be invoiced.

Digital printing
This is suitable for multi-colored motifs, especially for photo motifs and the entire printing area can be used. Direct UV printing or 4c printing on a sticker is suitable for our articles, optionally as a 3D emblem (doming sticker).
Advantage: Regardless of the number of colors the motif is applied in one pass.
Disadvantage: The desired colors can only be reproduced approximately, because imprint is not done with true colors, only according to CMYK.

On metal surface we also can do monochrome laser engraving for easy graphics / text for a noble look.

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