Wooden folding rule G20

Wooden folding rule
Wooden folding rule Wooden folding rule

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Details on Wooden folding rule G20

digital photographic printfree-space print available on start and end sectionspad printingEC Accuracy class  III
Material Beechwood
Measuring accuracy CE + EEC-class III
Length 2m
Version Good quality
Colour(s) see table
Scaling cm
Rule thickness 3mm
Weight 105g
Finishing options Pad printing
digital imprint
Advertising space 160mm x 25mm
all over
Dimensions 248mm x 33mm x 16mm

Beech wood folding rule in good quality with black scaling.
Thanks to inlaid metal spring joints the folds are close to each other.
8 standard colours from 100pcs.

ID: 07002000 white
ID: 07002001 HKS 4
ID: 07002002 HKS 8
ID: 07002003 cola
ID: 07002004 HKS 44
ID: 07002005 HKS 64
ID: 07002006 silver
ID: 07002007 nature
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