GrowUp G22


Marking the body size

Details on GrowUp G22

digital photographic printpad printingEC Accuracy class  III
Material Beech wood
Measuring accuracy EEC-class III
Length 2m
Version very good quality
Colour(s) white
Scaling cm
Rule thickness 3,3mm
Weight 105g
Finishing options pad printing
digital imprint
Advertising space 160mm x 25mm
all over
Dimensions 237mm x 36mm x 16mm

Beechwood 2m folding rule with cm graduation on the front for precise measuring. The backs of the sections are unprinted for your own personal markings and information. Ideal birthday present for parents who can label the first section with the name, date of birth and height of the child. Parents can later document their children’s heights at different times using a waterproof pen to draw lines with the dates. Siblings can later compare their heights with each other at different ages. Thus the rule accompanies the children their life long.

ID: 07002200

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