Plastic folding rules G3

Plastic folding rule
Plastic folding rule

Details on Plastic folding rule G3

digital photographic printpad printingEC Accuracy class  III
Material Plastic
Measuring accuracy EEC-accuracy class III
Length 3m
Version Top quality
Colour(s) White
Scaling cm
Rule thickness 3,5mm
Weight 215g
Finishing options Pad printing
Digital imprint
Advertising space 160mm x 35mm
all over
Dimensions 235mm x 52mm X 16mm

Plastic folding rules in a very good quality with extreme accuracy of measurements, large proportion of fiberglass, deeply engraved graduation against abrasion, stainless steel spring joints and 90° locking of each section.
Digital imprint all over the higsides available.

ID: 07000300

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