Drywall folding rule, Beechwood G8001

Drywall folding rule, Beechwood
Drywall folding rule, Beechwood Drywall folding rule, Beechwood

Details on Drywall folding rule, Beechwood G8001

digital photographic printfree-space print available on start and end sectionspad printingEC Accuracy class  III
Material Beechwood
Length 2m
Colour(s) white
Scaling cm
Rule thickness 3,3mm
Weight 105g
Finishing options pad printing
Advertising space 160mm x 25mm
all over
Dimensions 243mm x 35mm x 16mm

Wooden folding rule with a special drywaller-scale

Beechwood folding rule 2m with a black scale, white ends and inlaid metal joints. Thanks to the inner-fitted spring joints you open and close the folding rule easily. Angle scaling under the first sections to measure the slope of roofs or stairs etc. All sections lock at 90° for marking rightangles precisely.
Folds close to each other guarantee multi colour imprint and UV-LED digital imprint all over the high sides.
- Made in Germany -

ID: 07800100

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