Light Rule 3.0 LM3

Light Rule 3.0

Details on Light Rule 3.0 LM3

digital photographic printpad printing
Material plastic
Length 2m
Colour(s) white
Scaling cm
Weight 144g
Finishing options pad printing, 150mm x 25mm
Digital imprint, all over

The Light Rule is a world-wide first! It combines a high-quality plastic 2 m folding rule with an integrated LED light.
It is a highly durable high-tech product. Its 2 metres make it currently the “longest torch” in the world. It makes child’s play of working in badly-lit rooms or in inaccessible areas such as behind radiators, cupboards, in shafts, engines, machines. Hair-line fractures in pipes can be made visible with the utmost precision.
When the LED is switched on and the folding rule is folded it can be tucked into a breast or trouser pocket, leaving both hands free for work. It is a German development. The LED light can be switched on and off at 8 cm with a tactile touch button. For optimal energy savings, the Light Rule has electronics which switch off the light automatically after 5 minutes. Changing the universally available CR12220 batteries is quick and easy. This product will light up your customers’ eyes!

New: Now also with intergated magnet in the first section to retrieve screws, nails, tools keys etc. from ducts, engines and machines!

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