Meterex aluminum spirit levels are produced to meet professional demands. From a length of 30 cm they are fitted with a vertical and horizontal bubble. Each of these is contained in shatter-proof Plexiglass and is precisely adjusted. Due to a high measuring accuracy of 0.5 mm per metre= 0.0285 ° these spirit level are extremely suitable for all professional leveling work.


Meterex spirit levels have the following quality features from 30 cm:

1.     Aluminum profile 1.7 mm thick and therefore very impact-resistant and rigid in windy conditions.

2.     cm scaling on the front for various measurements

3.     Horizontal bubble with double rings for exact readings from 2 % slope (floors in sanitary areas, patios, drainpipes etc.)

4.     Bubble with magnification effect provides 30 % optical enlargement for better readings.

5.     Fluorescent horizontal bubble illuminates in dusk and darkness. This makes reading in poor light significantly easier.

6.     Very high measurement accuracy of 0.0285 % in normal situation.

7.     30 years guaranty* on the bubbles with enclosures.    


Aluminium spirit level Plus

Aluminium spirit level Plus 250

High-quality 50cm aluminium spirit level with 2m folding rule and carpenter’s pencil. Both extras are found in a drawer on the side. All sections of this quality 2m folding rule lock in at 90° and have an angle scale below the first sect...

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Aluminium spirit level

210M • 210

Aluminium spirit level 12cm in premium quality. Alu-profil silver anodized and in a thickness of 1. 7mm. Bubble with magnifying effect improves exaxt readings. Ideal to measure in small gaps between radiators, cupboards etc.

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Aluminium-Spiritlevel 220 • 230 • 240 • 260 • 280 • 300

Aluminium spirit level in premium quality with:- Aluminium-profil in the thickness of 1. 7mm warp resistant - Measuring precision of 0,0285° = 0. 5mm/1m in normal position. - Double ring on horizontal bubble for exact measurement of 2% inc...

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"Slope" 360

Bestseller spirit level with 5 levels for horizontal, vertical and 45° use. With 2 additional levels you can measure the following inclined slopes: - 1. 5% adaption of a floor to a stair, tiling the floor of a shower etc. - 3. 5% drainpipes,...

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Wooden spirit level

Wooden spirit level 1511

Ash wood spirit level with horizontal bubble. Thanks to prismatic base you easily can see the level on high picture frames, shelves etc. Nice spirit level made of renewable raw material. Made in Germany. Guarantee 3 years.

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Wooden spirit level

Wooden spirit level 1515

Bestseller spirit level with horizontal bubble. Inexpensive natural product for DIY. Logos have a nice appearance on the big advertising space. Nice spirit level made of renewable raw material. Made in Germany. Guarantee 3 years.

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Level 5500 • 5502

Inexpensive pocket spirit level with integrated horizontal- and vertical bubble. Robust casing made of ABS-plastic. Case with UV-LED digital printing available.

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With the aluminum spirit level „Slope“ you get a product has been especially designed to measure inclinations. With its five bubbles, you can also precisely measure, in addition to the standard measurements (horizontal, vertical and 45 ° measurements) inclinations of 1.5 % (interior and sanitary areas) and 3.5 % (patios, drainpipes).
With these unique selling points the spirit level extremely attractive for many target groups and therefore a bestseller in our range.

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