"Slope" 360


Details on "Slope" 360

laser engravingpad printing
Material Aluminium
Measuring accuracy 0,057°=1mm/1m
Length 60cm
Version Good quality
Colour(s) silver
Scaling cm
Weight 480g
Finishing options Tampon printing
Advertising space 160mm x 10mm
80mm x 15mm
Dimensions 600 x 62 x 28

Bestseller spirit level with 5 levels for horizontal, vertical and 45° use. With 2 additional levels you can measure the following inclined slopes: - 1.5% adaption of a floor to a stair, tiling the floor of a shower etc. - 3.5% drainpipes, patios etc.
With the V-shaped underside you easily can use the spirit level on pipes. Robust aluminium profil silver anodised with recessed handle for optimum handling. Black cm-scale on both sides.

ID: 00036000

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