Claro 405

Claro Claro

Details on Claro 405

3D-Emblem (Doming)pad printingEC Accuracy class II (capable of calibration)
Material ABS plastic
Measuring accuracy EEC-class II
Length 5m
Tape width 19mm
Tape material Stahlband
Extension stability to 1,8m
Version Very good quality
Colour(s) Transparent
Stopper colour(s) Black
Scaling cm
Weight 185g
Finishing options pad printing
Advertising space 30mm x 25mm
40mm x 30mm
Dimensions 70mm x 66mm

Quality 5m tape measure in modern clear glass look. Lets you watch the revolving chromium-plated drum. Printed or domed advertising is shown to excellent advantage. The back of the double-sided steel tape easily serves as a ruler. Owing to the high tape stability, the rear side of the tape can also be used to measure ceiling heights, shelves, etc. without buckling. Belt clip and hand strap make working easier.

ID: 00040500

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