i-Tape 600


Details on i-Tape 600

3D-Emblem (Doming)pad printingEC Accuracy class II (capable of calibration)
Material plastic
Measuring accuracy EEC-accuracy class II
Length 3m
Tape width 13mm
Tape material Stahlband
Extension stability to 100mm
Version very good quality
Colour(s) black, white
Stopper colour(s) black
Scaling cm
Weight 105g
Finishing options pad printing, Doming
Advertising space Ø=32mm
Dimensions 65mm x 65mm x 29mm

Design measuring tape I-Tape – classic and elegant
The round basic shape with an embedded chrome ring and leather-look trimming give this measuring tape an exclusive appearance. Thanks to printing or doming, all advertising enjoys maximum exposure. Seamless casing with deeply inserted stopper. Auto-stop function allows the tape to be stopped at any position. Tape return activated by light pressure on the underside of the casing. The tape runs easily and smoothly.

I-tape Design and function in perfect harmony.

ID: 00060000 white
ID: 00060001 black
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