Leo 610


Details on Leo 610

3D-Emblem (Doming)digital photographic printpad printingEC Accuracy class II (capable of calibration)
Material plastic
Length 3m
Tape width 13mm
Tape material Stahlband
Extension stability to 1,1
Measuring accuracy EEC-class II
Colour(s) black, black-silver
Scaling cm
Weight 100g
Finishing options pad printing: Ø 40mm
Digital imprint: all over the disk
3D-Doming: all over the disk
Nylon coated steel tape with
  • highest abrasion protection
  • best corrosion protection
  • increased tape stability

Design measuring tape in a round shape with a straight base. Big advertising space on both sides of a black or silver disk. Comfortable handling because of
the automatic stop-system. The steel tape stops at any point without using the stop button. Pushing the stop button on the underside of the case the tape runs smooth into the case.

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