Master 905


Tape regidity up to 2,80m


use as ruler


strong magnet

Details on Master 905

3D-Emblem (Doming)digital photographic printEC Accuracy class II (capable of calibration)
Measuring accuracy EEC-class II
Length 5,5m
Tape width 28mm
Tape material Stahlband
Extension stability to 2,80m
Colour(s) black-chrome
Scaling cm
Weight 315g
Finishing options digital imprint
Advertising space Ø 36mm

Top tape measure in Europe in the length of 5.5m. 28mm wide, black steel tapes in top quality with scaling on both
sides in white and red. (Japanese scaling). Large digits for optimum readability even in unfavourable lighting
conditions. Tape stability up to a pull-out length of 2.80 m and pull-out height of 3.50 m! on walls, high shelves etc.
Large, double-sided hook with Supra magnet and a holding force of up to 2kg!
This means that even heavy keys, metal tools etc. can be lifted from great heights/depths.
Guarantee*3 years.

ID: 00090500

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