Rulers - Popular and precise

Rulers are very popular; they are a must for every desk are used almost daily to enable their users to make precise measurements and markings.

meterex rulers are made on demand and fulfill the requirements of technical drawing. They enjoy a high level of measuring accuracy and finishing quality. The users appreciate this and therefore use the rulers for years.

With your advertising on these products, you are sure to  win the users‘ eye contact and thus secure a lasting positive advertising impact.

Triangular ruler

Triangular ruler L4

First aluminium triangular ruler 30cm on which UV-LED digital prints are availabe! Ambitious logos and photos can be realized all over the 3 sides. High-quality aluminium profile in silver or black anodized. 6 different scales on requ...

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Plastic ruler

plastic folding ruler L21.20 • L21.30

Stable white plastic ruler in a strength of 2mm. Each 2 scales on both sides on your request according adjoining table available. Because of the reduction scales interesting ruler for e. g. architects, engine builders, engineers. Option o...

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Aluminium ruler

Aluminium ruler L1

Quality ruler 30cm in silver with 4 scales on request according adjoining table on both sides available. Prices including a 4-coloured digital imprint on both sides!Other sizes on request available.

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Set square

Set-square L2 • L3

Set square in the size of 160 x 112mm with black scale and floating points on the reverse side. Semi-circle in standard colours of yellow, lime green, orange and pink. Advertising print between the centerlines. From 500pcs. special exec...

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Fan ruler

Fan ruler L20

Fan rulers with five white, flexible rulers. Thanks to their stable riveted joints, they can be folded out of their black leather case like fans. The advertising is located on the leather case. Ideal for architects, engineers, mechanical ...

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Alu-three-sided ruler

Alu-three-sided ruler L8 • L9.15 • L9.20

High-quality, three-sided aluminium ruler, 30 cm long, with 2 colour strips. Different scales according adjoining table on request. Very precise model for professional use. 5 different scales on your request according adjoining table availa...

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Aluminium-ruler L13

Inexpensive quality aluminium ruler 30cm. Silver anodised aluminium profile very stable thanks profil lines on the reverse side. Big advertising area also with digital photo print available.

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plastic ruler

Plastic ruler L19.20 • L19.30

Flexible plastic ruler 1mm for e. g. architects, engine builder, engineers. On both sides 4 different scales on your request according adjoining table available. Useful item for mailings.

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Check up 11 • 12

Tyre tread checker in cheque card style with information on legal minimum treads.

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Plastic three-sided ruler

Plastic ruler L6.30 • L7.15 • L7.30 • L6.15

Low-priced white plastic three-sided ruler, 15 + 30cm long, without any colour strips. 5 different scales on your request according adjoining table available.

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