Set-square L2 • L3

Set square

Details on Set square L2

pad printing
Material plastic
Length 14cm
Colour(s) transparent
Weight 16g
Finishing options pad printing: 35mm x 30mm
Dimensions 160mm x 112mm

Set square in the size of 160 x 112mm with black scale and floating points on the reverse side. Semi-circle in standard colours of yellow, lime green, orange and pink. Advertising print between the centerlines.

From 500pcs. special execution with semi-circle in each PMS colour and free scope for design available.

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Details on Set square L3

pad printing
Material plastic
Length 22cm
Colour(s) transparent
Scaling cm
Weight 41g
Advertising space 55mm x 18mm
Dimensions 250mm x 175mm

Set square 250 x 175mm with removable grip in blackt.
Black scaling with coloured lines in each PMS available.
Advertising logos on front side.

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