Special models

For individual product development you are at the right company.
True to the motto "Never are not's" we are in the development of your special measuring tool with our expertise at your disposal.

We assume from planning the production of a prototype to series production all task steps for you. Please let us know your requirements. We are working as quickly as possible for you.

Here some ideas we developed for special events:

Customized article – section print

Customized article – section print G160

Task: for the jubilee exhibition “Im Strom der Zeit” (In the Current of Time) the company Alexander Bürkle was looking for a promotional article which reflected the 111-year history of Alexander Bürkle, 111 years electrical technology...

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Measuring Tape Mercedes

Measuring Tape Mercedes D999

Measuring tape in the form of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class,with special tape length 3,6m. Task: For the launch of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, the new form and the small car length of 3. 60 m should be advertised with an interesting promo...

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Measuring tape Gardena

Measuring tape Gardena D999

Measuring tape in special form "roll up"Task: For the launch of their new garden hose "Roll-Up" with automatic reverse the Company Gardena sought a meaningful promotional items, which could underline this technical innovation.

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Measuring tape Feng Shui

Measuring tape Feng Shui D999

Measuring tape 5m with special scaling "Feng Shui"Task: For the device "Feng Shui" a 5m long tape measure was sought, which should have an individually designed by the customer special scaling. Selected Product: Tape "Titano" 5m in b...

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Folding rule Lufthansa

Folding rule Lufthansa D999

Wooden folding rule in special length 2,20mTask: Looking for a classic promotional item which in anew design symbolizes the extra services from the Lufthansa program "Miles & More". Selected Product: White Wooden folding rule in sp...

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